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The aim of Nature Waves is to redefine and reclaim our own expressions of beauty while dispelling the negative imagery and stereotype surrounding Black Hair. Nature Waves is more than a salon, it’s a space where cultural and communal spirit and identity reemerge through fashion and education.


What We Offer

Internal Loc Cleaning – $90-100

Removing build-up inside the dreads, that build-up over time, from the use of hair grooming for Internal loc cleaning leaves your Locs feeling softer.

Interloc (tightening new growth) – $80+

Includes shampooing, conditioning and scalp treatment.

Grey Root Touch – $50


Highlite – $150+

Roots to tip Colour & Toner – $190+

Styling Dreads(Incl. With reg. treatment) – $42

Loc Extension – $300-975

Locing loose hair to lengthen your own hair.

Please Note: Cost depends on the thickness and density of loc extension

Hair Trim – $20

Wash, Condition and Trim

Cap Highlights – $50+

Layers – $65+

Wash & Blowdry – $40+

Products Used

At Nature Waves, we recognize there is NO one size fit all product for the Black man and woman’s straight, wavy, curly spiral to kinky curl. Our shampoo products are grown in Kenyan soil for the best therapeutic experience. We use soft water osmosis for high quality outcome


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A Natural Hair Care System


Hair Story

From Slavery to the present day, black hair has been put on the pedestal and politicized. Afro-textured hair has frequently been seen as being unprofessional, unattractive, and unclean. The subject matter of our hair has its roots in the ideology of white supremacy.

In 1995 after the Malcolm X movie, we have seen an increase in the number of Black women going natural. The movie Black Panther also had an influence on the increased demand for Locs and other chemical-free options for styling textured hair.


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